Welcome to Stitchcraft by Em. 

I’m a twenty-something crocheter from the UK, with a passion for all things handmade.

I learned to crochet around 11 years ago by designing and making blankets for a local dogs home.

To this day, I continually learn new crochet techniques and stitches which I try and bring to my designs.

Most of my work is ‘made to order’ which means I create my own crochet designs based on your needs and bring it to life. Whether it’s a hat, blanket, mug warmer, blanket, toy, there isn’t much I can’t do!

In addition to crochet, I love reading and always try to fit a couple of chapters in when I’m not hooking, which doesn’t seem to be often 😉
I also spend most of my time with my two black cats.

In a bid to help others, 10% of every sale I make goes towards homeless charities in my area.
If you would like to make a purchase and choose your own charity, please let me know!

When I’m not working on Etsy orders, I will be updating this blog with crochet ideas and some of the techniques I’ve picked up that may be useful to you.
Of course, it wouldn’t be my blog without posting my makes so keep an eye out for those too. I’ll also share other’s ideas and as always, I look forward to receiving your order.

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