Writer’s block vs Crochet block

It’s been a busy week for me with crochet orders.. (so many Kuchi Kopi’s!)

At the moment I have some more Kuchi’s to make and some personalised letters.

I am searching endlessly for a new crochet project to do like, square-a-day, a CAL afghan, there’s loads, I just can’t pick what I want to do.

Partially it’s due to the fact that I like to make quick items, rather than progressive crochet (blankets, etc). The other part of me feels like crochet-block (like writer’s block?)

Any suggestions on some projects? 

I purchased some wool today (more, I know!) I found a lovely wool mix in burgundy with a mustard fleck. Obviously, I’ve already designated that to making a hat or two.
Baby items are adorable also, so I couldn’t resist picking up some soft blue and grey colours.

Seems there are too many options and not enough time in the day to do them all.

Definitely going to make a plan to fit in working my customer’s lovely orders and have my own projects or new ideas in between..and work 9-5. Cool.

Let me know what you think!

Em. X


Bob’s Burgers Crochet

Hey guys!

So I thought I’d start my posts off with something fun! 

I’m a huge fan of Bob’s Burgers.
If you haven’t watched it, go now after reading this blog post.

Louise is my favourite character and I’m yet to design a pattern for her, but I have designed and made this little guy!

Kuchi kopi, bobs burgers, crochet, green, amigurumi
Kuchi Kopi! Louise’s favourite toy and night-light. He’s super cute and around 5 inches tall! 

If you would like your own you can buy one on Etsy, with or without a bow.

If anyone is interested in the crochet pattern for Kuchi Kopi, let me know 🙂